A Unique Approach to Our Health-Conscious World

Conventional methods of sanitization have many potential drawbacks. The stronger the disinfectant, the more toxic it tends to be towards humans and animals alike. The more thorough the cleaning process, the more time consuming it will get. PATH-GUARD defies conventional limitations with the PATH-GUARD Fogging System.

The PATH-GUARD Fogger atomizes the PATH-GUARD Solution to create micron sized droplets. When sufficiently small droplets collide with virus, bacteria, mold and yeast particles within the air, agglomeration occurs to complete the disinfectant process.

The Best of Both Worlds

Combining the power of an all-natural formula with
state-of-the-art fogging technology.

Introducing the PATH-GUARD Fogging System.

Our System

The Versatile, Cross-Industry Solution

The spread of pathogens impacts virtually every aspect of our daily lives.

Finding a solution that can accommodate a wide variety of circumstances is difficult. The PATH-GUARD Fogging System is the versatile solution to meet your unique needs.

Health Care

Reduce infection and transmission rates


Provide a healthy odor-free environment for occupants


Kill diseases and increase yields

Food Service

Safely disinfect food-contact surfaces, employee workspaces and dining areas